Web developer

София, България


We are looking for a highly motivated and experienced web developer to build dynamic websites using our own (custom) CMS.

Key responsibilities

  • Develop or/and integrate front-end components with our back-end functionality. Additionally, maintain and support websites built with our product - TAD CMS
  • Develop or/and integrate front-end components with our back-end functionality
  • Participate (when necessary) in business meetings that outline the project’s scope and requirements


  • At least 6 months of professional experience with PHP OOP
  • Basic HTML and JavaScript (jQuery) knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of relational database platforms (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL) and database normalization techniques
  • Experience with a modern PHP MVC framework (Yii, Symfony, Laravel, Phalcon) is a plus
  • Experience with front-end technologies such as Bootstrap, Gulp/Grunt, SASS/Less is a plus

We would love to hear about your skills and your experience, as well as any questions you might have.

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