TAD CMS is a fully functional content management system (CMS) written in PHP and equipped with a variety of utilities that would ease the building process of any commercial website.

Its main focus is on security and as such it guarantees security above everything else. The system runs on the Yii2 framework and enables site administrators to build a dynamic, responsive and secure website through a user-friendly interface. The CMS comes with a built-in WAF (website application firewall) that mitigates almost all known attack vectors and provides management for all the defense modules as well as independent statistics for analysis. The WAF, in its current version, supports the following features:

- SQL injection prevention
- Cross-site scripting prevention
- Mass requests prevention
- Captcha for blacklisted IP
- Spam protection
- Login history
- IP whitelist and blacklist management
- Malicious UA block (crawlers, bots)
- Traffic statistics
- Malicious traffic cessation
- Content protection (via HTTP headers)
- Warning/Ban pages management (edit, styling)

Additionally, the CMS ships with free deployment procedure and technical support depending on the package.