TAD GROUP was among the first to endorse and sign the declaration in the French capital

Posted on 2018-11-13

TAD GROUP was among the first to endorse and sign the declaration "Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace” in the French capital.

On November 12th, on UNESCO's Internet Governance Forum (IGF), the French President Emanuel Macron launched an initiative for greater security on the Internet. The new document aims to cover all aspects of the campaign, including the fight against cybercrimes, internet censorship and hate speech.

The declaration, which has been signed by more than 50 countries, 90 organizations and universities as well as 130 companies, aims to reduce and prevent cyberattacks and enhance Internet security. The initiative does not have the jurisdiction to punish cybercrimes, but rather it is a symbol of the need for diplomacy and cooperation of countries and organizations in the online area, where it is difficult to enforce complex global laws.

The document allows all stakeholders to sign up for a partnership to achieve the objectives of the declaration:

  • Prevent and recover from malicious cyber activities faster;
  • Protecting the overall accessibility and integrity of the Internet;
  • Assistance in preventing malicious interventions in political electoral processes;
  • Working together against intellectual property theft through the use of ICT (information and communication technologies);
  • Preventing the spread of malicious tools and techniques;
  • Increasing the security of ICT products and services as well as cyber-hygiene;
  • Applying measures to prevent hack-back (reverse attack);
  • Joint activities to strengthen the relevant international norms;

TAD GROUP is a member of Cybersecurity Tech Accord, the world's leading cybersecurity technology platform. By joining, companies are committed to protecting their customers and consumers by helping them to prevent malicious attacks and to collaborate on various initiatives that improve the security, stability, and flexibility of cyberspace.

One of the latest actions the Cybersecurity Tech Accord has taken has been to jeopardize ICANN's decision to limit access to WHOIS information as a result of the GDPR. While ICANN has accelerated development of new policies, the issue of access to the database remains pending. This delay makes it more difficult for professionals to protect end-users from cyberthreats. Therefore, although the members of the association welcome the decision to develop an accreditation and access framework, they also call for immediate action.


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