Wi-Fi Alliance introduced the new WPA3 standard

Posted on 2018-07-19

Wi-Fi Alliance today officially launched the WPA3 standard - the next generation Wi-Fi protection standard that promises to remove all known vulnerabilities in wireless network security.

WPA or Wi-Fi Protected Access is a standard designed to authenticate wireless devices using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) protocol to protect you from hackers who can eavesdrop your wireless networks.

But at the end of last year, cybersecurity experts uncovered a serious flaw in the current WPA2 protocol, called Key Reinstallation Attack (KRACK), which allows attackers to tap, decrypt and even manipulate network Wi-Fi traffic.

While most wireless device manufacturers have already secured their KRACK attacks, the WiFi Alliance, without wasting time, has begun to finalize and launch WPA3 to address WPA2 technical defects.

What is WPA3 and what new security features does it offer?

The WPA3 security standard will replace the existing WPA2, which has been used for 15 years, and is still being used in billions of devices around the world.

Here are some basic features offered by the new protocol:

  1. Protection from Brute-Force attacks
    WPA3 provides greater protection against Brute-Force dangle attacks, making it more difficult for hackers to compromise your WiFi password - even if you choose easier-to-crack passwords.
  2. WPA3 Forward Secrecy
    WPA3 uses SAE (Simultaneous Authentication of Equals) to offer a forward secret, a security feature that prevents attackers from decrypting old captured traffic even if they have ever learned the network password.
  3. Protect public / open Wi-Fi networks
    WPA3 assures users' privacy in open networks through personalized data encryption, a feature that encrypts wireless traffic between your device and Wi-Fi access point to reduce the risk of "Man in the middle" (MiTM) attacks. To prevent such passive attacks, WPA3 can add support for Opportunistic Wireless Encryption (OWE).
  4. Additional encryption for critical critical networks
    Using WPA3 Enterprise, important Wi-Fi networks handling sensitive information (such as government and corporate organizations) can protect their Wi-Fi networks with full 192-bit encryption.

Wi-Fi Easy Connect

The WiFi Alliance also introduced a new feature called WiFi Easy Connect that simplifies the process of connecting IoT devices to your router.
The new technology is a substitute for Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), which is considered to be extremely vulnerable.
It is expected that with Easy Connect you can connect your smart widget to your router by simply scanning a QR code with your smartphone to get an automatic Wi-Fi certificate on your new device.

WPA3 is expected to be used later this year and is expected to reach mass acceptance by the end of 2019, when it is ultimately a requirement for devices to be considered Wi-Fi certified, according to the WiFi Alliance.


William Donaldson 2018/11/12 07:18

i would like this wifi for my computer please

Ivan Petrov 2018/11/13 11:58

WPA3 is a standard which is yet to be implemented in devices sold on the market. Current ones do not support the standard and cannot make use of it.

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