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Flexible and powerful CMS

Build content-driven websites, portals, intranets and single page applications with TAD CMS.

The platform comes with a built-in WAF (website application firewall) that mitigates almost all known attack vectors and provides management for every defense module as well as independent statistics for analysis.

Key features


Real-time protection

Customizable data violation filters, mass requests prevention, instant notifications, IPs whitelist and blacklist and more.


Activity tracking and monitoring

Track users behavior, filter access logs by date, IP, URL, country, browser and more.


Roles and access management

Preciously manage content rights for specific users or teams using Role-based Authorities.


Multi-language support

Focus more on you content and speed up your work-flow with the built-in localization.


Media library

Manage all your media assets from one place without worrying about broken links and file uploads.


Dynamic fields

Dynamic collections, entities and fields to help you personalize better your content.

Everything needed to secure your company's online presence

Our engineers keep security at the forefront and TAD CMS goes through frequent security audit reviews.

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