ISO 9001 is one of the most widely used and implemented standards, as it is suitable for every type of organization and every field of business. With ISO 9001 implementation the company guarantees its commitment to the customer and to the quality of the services and products it offers.

Basic principles in ISO 9001 are:

  • Leadership and commitment;
  • Striving for constant satisfaction of customer expectations, customer focus, information exchange with customers;
  • Personnel involvement, motivating employees to participate and contributing to the efficiency of the quality management system (QMS);
  • Process Approach, i.e. systematic identification and management of processes and their interactions;
  • Improvement of the products and services, but also of the QMS itself;
  • Making evidence-based decisions;
  • Relationship management (with suppliers –preliminary adequate requirements, follow-up evaluation of suppliers, verification and control activities);
  • Compliance with the legal requirements concerning the company's activity.

The ISO 9001 certification will provide you with the image of a good business partner, stable competitiveness and constant customer satisfaction.

ISO 20000-1 covers the requirements for the service management system (SMS). The main topics covered in the standard include planning, designing, transitioning, delivering and improving services to meet contractual requirements and customer expectations. ISO/IEC 20000-1 is an internationally recognized management system that is applicable to any organization that provides IT services and wants to improve and refine it.

In 2018 is issued the third edition of the standard, arranged according to the HLS (High Level Structure) which makes its integration with other ISO standards much easier.

The goal of ISO 20000-1 is:

  • Improving the IT services provided
  • Reducing the costs
  • Identifying, planning and implementing improvements
  • Taking into account the views and suggestions of all concerned parties
  • Ensuring the achievement of the desired results.

ISO 20000-1 certification will provide you with an efficient management of processes in the IT services industry, the image of a good business partner, stable competitiveness and constant customer satisfaction.

ISO 27001 covers the requirements for the Information Security Management System (ISMS). It contains guidelines for creating, operating, maintaining, monitoring and improving such type of system. Тhe protection of your information is an essential objective in this standard, so there's information on how to identify possible threats and risks, as well as ways to deal with them.

Each company/organization has know-how, trade secrets, or other confidential information (including partner information, employee records, customer data, etc.). This information should be stored in such a way as to preserve its integrity, availability and confidentiality. ISO 27001 sets out principles and rules to create and maintain an information security management system to increase the stability and protection of available information assets in the organization.

Some of these principles are:

  • Identifying, documenting and assessing risks and opportunities, choosing control mechanisms
  • Providing effective responses and measures to deal with security incidents
  • Set by the senior management Information Security Policy
  • Strict compliance with relevant regulatory requirements and contractual obligations related to the security of information
  • Continual improvement
  • Continuity of processes

ISO 27001 certification will provide you with a significantly higher level of information protection, better reliability and trust both from customers and from stakeholders.