Cancellation and refund policy

All payments made or transferred by a client for or in connection with a quote or an offer by TAD GROUP or any affiliated company for a Penetration Testing Package are non-refundable and shall not be refunded in any circumstances.

In any case when a Consumer under EU law who has agreed to order and/or has paid for goods or services via a TAD GROUP site, but changed her/his mind or is unable to go ahead with the contract for any reason, TAD GROUP is entitled to keep or receive an amount sufficient to cover their actual losses that result from this cancellation (incl. but not limited to: costs already incurred or loss of profit). The Customer will have to make an application for refund along with the transaction number and original payment receipt if any generated at the time of making payments - this application in the aforementioned format should be sent to: info [at] It will be processed manually and after being verified, if TAD GROUP finds that the claim is valid, within a period of 20 business days on receipt of such claim, a sum calculated by TAD GROUP will be refunded through electronic means, given the applicant has provided sufficient bank details for this refund and they are still valid at the time of its initiation.