The service "Information systems security audit" aims to verify the security controls and evaluate the risk of information systems within the infrastructure of your organization. TAD GROUP conducts an assessment of the effectiveness of the environment that controls the information systems. We will make suitable recommendations and preventive measures that will ensure the proper security and functional operating of your systems.

The audit team works directly with you to ensure quality and cost-effective verification of all of your company's resources.

The scope and purpose of the audit is developed and accepted by your company's management. Once the goal is clearly defined, an audit plan is created that covers the agreed scope, objectives and procedures needed to obtain relevant evidence showing the strengths and weaknesses of your information environment.

The audit approach to information systems is based on preventive protection against risks and the occurrence of any kind of loss to the organization. This makes it possible to address all potential weaknesses or omissions of controls and to determine whether this could lead to significant non-compliance with regulatory requirements.

When conducting an audit, TAD GROUP is guided by the information security standards set by ISO 27001, and follow the requirements of ISO 19011 to issue an audit report.

The report includes findings, conclusions, recommendations and any qualifications and restrictions that your company needs to comply with and improve.
Auditing information systems and removing inconsistencies in your IT infrastructure is enough proof that you have taken the care to protect your information.

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