In today’s constantly evolving cyber landscape consulting has become an inseparable part of the overall security posture. Consulting services are in great demand nowadays simply because of the lack of security expertise within an organization. The service provides professional advice and can also assist in planning and implementing strategies on both management and technological level.

Our consulting services provide our clients with an insight into their currently established security posture as well as giving recommendations on how to improve it adequately and adjust it to your business needs. Some of the most commonly covered topics of interest in this area are:

Business continuity management
Assistance in resiliency planning to facilitate manageable business continuity

Security assessment
Providing insight and cyber assessment into the current security posture of your business

Incident response management
Professional advice related to investigating incidents and data leakage aftermath

Risk quantification
Threat modeling and risk estimation services that reduce attacks' likelihood

Modeling of cyber-operating environment
Assessment of an already established security infrastructure or environment

Security strategy planning
Preparing or improving a cybersecurity strategy and policies related to information security

Offering a dedicated expert specifically for the needs of your business

Remediation roadmap
Recommendations on how to recover from an attack or data breach

Security is a continuous process and it is all about reducing the risk your business is exposed to. As such, it incorporates a constant investment which often turns out to be strenuous for both small and large-sized businesses alike.

Consulting services act as a stepping stone to any other service in the cybersecurity field.

If your business is operating critical infrastructure, it is of utmost importance to ensure the proper management of its availability, data integrity, and confidentiality. Our experts are certified by some of the top organizations in the field of cybersecurity and as such, we can facilitate the establishment of a reliable security posture.