The digital forensics service offers a comprehensive approach to the investigation of a security breach. In case of such, our team can help your business by identifying the source of unauthorized access and provide the best approach to enhance your security posture based on the specifics of the incident.

Collection and examination of physical and digital evidence play a prominent role in identifying key details about the incident as well as determining where and when it took place.

Apart from information related to the event itself, our experts can come up with an estimate for the volume of data that had been compromised. As in any forensics service activities such as collection of digital pieces of evidence, restoration of data, recreation of events and actions are all mandatory. This would ensure that you will have an accurate diagnosis in order to facilitate the development of an effective recovery plan.

Whether data has been erased, manipulated consciously or accidentally, our team can analyze any available indications that suggest suspicious activity. This, in terms, would aid the process of disclosing critical information with legal value.

Examples of incidents that our expertise covers:

  • Unauthorized access to Internet-facing platforms
  • Unauthorized access to workstations obtained through malware infection
  • Unauthorized access to email servers
  • Certain actions that have led to financial losses
  • Information disclosure from a rogue employee, associate or partner

The main objectives for the provision of this service are as follows:

  • Preservation of the integrity of the evidence
  • Efficiency and prioritization of actions
  • Accurate understanding of the chronology of actions
  • In-depth analysis and information gathering
  • Providing preventive recommendations in the long run

Forensics services are mostly chosen by parties that require digital evidence as part of an ongoing lawsuit. The collected evidence and the subsequently drawn conclusions are presented in a confidential report issued by security professionals.